Things To Do In Caliraya Lake

Marine Sports

If you do visit the Caliraya Lake, you
can see people windsurfing there, for
this is one of the activities you can do
in this place. There are also some
people who even brought their own
speedboats and jet skis, while some
are with their canoes and kayaks. If
you do not have any of these precious
things, there are resorts along the
Caliraya Lake for you where you
could rent jet skis and other

Boat Ride

boatrideOne of the activities you might
want to experienced at the Caliraya
Lake is the Boat Riding. The best time
for you to ride the boat is early
morning and late afternoon, for you
to avoid and not get exposed to the
strong heat of the sun.

Upon riding on the boat, you could see
a lot of beautiful sceneries while
you're there, so, it is better for you
to bring your camera to capture every
wonderful moment.


Caliraya Lake has a campsite with a
variety of beautiful tents where you
can stay.

This is an ideal place for vacationists,
nature lovers, and for people who really
wanted to escaped the busy and fast-life
of the metropolis.

Lake Bonfires

Make more memories with a special Lake
Bonfire for your family, friends or group.
The Caliraya Mountain and Lake Resort
provides the chairs, fire, additional wood
and the scenic backdrop on the lake of


If you are a person who loves fishing,
well, this particular place is definitely
for you.

The Caliraya Lake has its fishing site
for those who want fishing activities,
and of course, cook then eat the freshly
caught fish the way you want it.
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